Bee Visible to launch The Hive

We are thrilled to announce that on 1st March 2019, we will be launching The Hive – a members-only Facebook community & newsletter educating people on the benefits and best use of social media to promote their brand.

Within our Facebook group, you can get:

Advice – ask questions/share ideas
Collaboration opportunities – find other businesses to collaborate with
Social Media Content Support – share your social media links in the group to gain support from your peers with our daily engagement threads
Facebook Live Access – members can host Facebook Live sessions within the group, to promote their businesses
The Hive Tip of the Day – we post daily tidbits of information on how to improve your social media

Members of The Hive also receive cross-promotion of their business across the Bee Visible Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels.

You will also receive a weekly newsletter, listing useful tips and advice on how to make the most from your social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all included), as well as popular hashtags and Twitter hours that are well worth your time using. Each week a different social media topic is focused on in depth – including Facebook ads, how to use affiliate programmes, effective use of Instagram Stories and so much more.

And as a member of The Hive, you also get a 10% discount on any of our social media products, including our monthly management packages.

In The Hive, we keep it simple. With us, you will learn how to use social media for your business/brand effectively, and be part of an engaged community too. If you run any sort of business, you can benefit from effective use of social media; whether that’s an online business, or a bricks and mortar shop.

You can pre-register on our Patreon page now! Register in January/February and your business will get a special mention on the Bee Visible Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds on launch day.

Join The Hive and see what the buzz is about!

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