Introducing Etsy boost

At Bee Visible, we pride ourselves on supporting small and independent businesses to kick-start their social media strategy.

For just £30, we can give your Etsy shop a boost with our 30 day Twitter promotion.

We will post at least 3 product tweets a day, for 30 days. These Tweets will be from your Twitter account and will link back to your products on Etsy (or your online shop if you prefer). We use various hashtags, and will be active in the most popular and relevant Twitter hours to get your products noticed, and to encourage engagement and click-throughs. There are plenty of great Twitter hours to get involved with.

And of course, you retain full control of your own Twitter account. You can continue to tweet as and when you want – the Tweets we provide will be ticking along in the background.

Online Shop Boost | Twitter
30 day promotion across Twitter
At least 3 Tweets a day
Hashtags used in your niche
Posted at most effective times of the day

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