What is Vero?

Have you noticed that people have started talking about a new social media network called Vero? In the past few days in particular, I have seen a flurry of activity with the people I follow on Instagram enticing me to Vero to follow them over there too…

It’s not exactly a brand new social network; Vero has been around for a couple of years, quietly fine-tuning and developing. It’s been getting a lot of interest over the last couple of days due to some high profile influencers letting their followers know that they’re going to give it a go.

So what sets Vero out from the other social networks?

Vero is a bit of a game changer in the fact that there are NO ADS. That’s right… no adverts across the app at all. No more having content that an app thinks you’ll probably like thrust upon you. You’ll just see the content that you’re interested in. No algorithms to trick and try to play the game with either.

And not only will you only see content that you’re interested in, you’ll also see it in the order in which it was posted. Instagram and Facebook have a habit now of switching content around so you miss content that you would otherwise loved to have seen (else why would you be following them??)… or you just end up seeing it 4 days later…

With Vero, it’s super easy to categories content that you love into Collections. Images, links, music, film/TV, books and places all have their own little section. Started reading a new book that you’d love to share with your followers? You can simply find it in the directory and “recommend it”. The same for films and music.

You can choose whether you share you content with those you have defined as “close friends” or “acquaintances” or people who follow you. So those pictures that you’d rather not appear in the public domain (like photos of you children, for example) can stay visible to your close friends only. And when you want to share a link to some interesting content online, you can share this to your whole feed of followers. Being able to keep some things private and some things public is a game changer, and very appealing!

And all of this within an app that feels clean and fresh and modern.

As people are now flocking to Vero in their droves to try it out for themselves, you can expect some technical difficulties whilst they try and deal with the volume of users!

Have you joined Vero? What do you think about it? Leave a comment and let me know. 🙂

Want to see more about Vero? Check the video below




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